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Inside the World of Board Graphics

Board book from Modern Dog & Rockport

During my time at Modern Dog Design Co, I had the opportunity to work on this fun book, my first, Inside the World of Board Graphics with a handful of local writers and my bosses, Mike Strassburger and Robynne Raye. ​​​ ​

The cover was a fun process; I went with a

watercolor angle, something I hadn't yet seen on a skate / surf / snowboard book. The interior of the book was a major project, however. Being involved in all of the page layouts, photo placement, and even interviews of the board artists was an enjoyable bucket of blood, sweat and tears.

© Modern Dog Design Co.

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Submission Pages

We decided to have people submit photos of their personal boards to use as a preface for each category of snow/skate/surf within the book. Each board is unique yet it comes together nicely as a spread.

Magnolia Moonshine
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art and design
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