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North Mass Boulder ::: 60' x 30' / hand painted / Acrylic Paint / Indianapolis, IN


Tapped ::: 40' x 20' / hand painted / Acrylic Paint / Mill Creek, WA


T-Mobile Park ::: 45' x 16'' / Spray Paint / Acrylic Paint / Seattle, WA

North Mass Boulder ::: 15' x 6' / hand painted / Spray Paint / Acrylic Paint / Indianapolis, IN


Noisy Water Mural Festival ::: 8' x 8' / Spray Paint / Acrylic Paint / Bellingham, WA (3rd Place)

Snow Peak HQ4 in Portland, OR ::: 25' x 40'' / hand painted / Acrylic Paint + Japanese calligraphy brushes

Starbucks in Kirkland, WA ::: 32' x 8'' / hand painted / Acrylic Marker

Facebook in Seattle, WA ::: Sea-10 Project / Wheat Paste

Custom art installation for Facebook office in Redmond, WA. (Thank you Shane Berg!)

Starbucks Wrigleyville store in Chicago ::: 43' x 15', over 200 people drawing with big brushes. 

Collaboration mural with Victor Melendez (Right) for Casco Antiguo in Seattle, WA


I-5 Community Mural ::: 60' x 8', over 50 volunteers helped us! Art work with Rafa Diaz


Exterior + interior art installation for Starbucks store in Manhattan, NY in 2020

LEFT ::: Bleached art on denim material for Starbucks NY store   •  RIGHT ::: Hand drawn with enamel paint on wood for the Ferguson, MI store 

Biggest mural I've done for Solstice with Overall Creative in SODO area in Seattle, WA

Another awesome collaboration with Victor Melendez for Fremont Foundary in Seattle, WA

Starbucks NY (40th & Broadway) ::: Continuous line drawing style art

Collaboration mural piece with Karen Rohn & Charlie Olsen for ACLU Idaho

Starbucks NY (Times Square) ::: over 120' long of the continuous line drawing style art on windows for the holiday campaign.

Custom art for the first Starbucks store in Japan (Ginza, Tokyo).

Thrive ::: One color comic style drawing on the white wall with acrylic pens

Ma'ono ::: Custom rooster drawing on the white wall with acrylic

New murals for your restaurants / retail shops / office space?

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