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Frequent Questions (for students/designers)

Are you hiring designers / interns?

Not right now. If and when I do need help I will post it on Facebook or Tireman Studio website. You can always send me a resume but I do get busy and may not respond, especially to big or mass files.


• Can you check my portfolio?

I can if you are flexible with your schedule. I have reviewed portfolios in the past, in person and do enjoy meeting with fellow designers. Again, it depends on how busy I am.


• What materials should I submit to apply for the internship?

No mass personal letters/emails. I won't respond. The creative, do your research. (I'm not hiring)


• Do you know any good design companies for me?

Please ask Google. It's 2021. I don't usually have time to answer these kinds of emails.


• Can I interview you for my school project?

I am happy to answer some, but not so many questions. Please understand If I don't respond in a timely manner; it just means I am busy with my clients.


• Why did you name your studio Tireman Studio?

I was making this collage art with tires from old magazines, added arms and legs, made screen prints, submitted to The Stranger newspaper in Seattle and they used it for the cover art. I also love bicycles, motorcycles, cars, unicycles ... always keep rolling.


• How did you get started?

I went to University of Idaho where I obtained an Art degree and set my sights on Modern Dog Design Co. here in Seattle, where I worked for almost 7 years. My wild dream was to start my own design company, which came true November 2012. 

Are you new client?

How much do you charge?

It depends on what, exactly, you need. I am flexible with design fees but can't work for coffee beans. Usually I set up the first meeting (free of charge) and talk more details, design direction, budget and so on. Please feel free to contact Tireman Studio if you have any questions.


• What kind of projects can you take?

I do take a lot of different projects such as branding for start up companies, Packaging, event posters, custom illustrations, Mural (design and install) for your restaurant, office and more.


• Do you work with local businesses?

I love working with local business people! I have been working with a lot of local restaurants, small shop owners, artists and more. You can check my client lists in Contact Page.


• Do you work with big companies?

Of course. Bring it on.


• Do you sell posters?

I do now! Check out the "Online Store"

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